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The Royal Marines (RM) 

trace their origins back to 1664, Today, the Royal Marines are evolving to produce the UK's 'Future Commando Force' consisting of five task grouped Commando Units as well as specialist intelligence and support units approximately 6000 personnel. Royal Marines have served in every British Campaign since WWII. During the last decade the level of Royal Marines operational deployment has been extraordinary! They currently provide approximately 46% of UK Special Forces. The result is a disproportionate number of killed and wounded. For many of the wounded, physical or mental injury will remain with them to the end of their lives.

The Royal Marines Reserve (RMR)

Based from centres in; Scotland, London, Merseyside and Bristol, the RMR provides fully training part-time Commandos to support regular operations. Reservists manage their civilian occupations alongside their Royal Marines careers, complete the same Commando course to the same demanding standards. Alternatively, former regular Royal Marines who choose to adjust their 'life priorities' or, on completion of a fixed term of service, may opt to transfer to reserve serve. Reservists play an active role in global operations, doing the same job as your regular counterparts, as part of the most elite amphibious fighting force in the world

Royal Marines Reserve 75th Anniversary - RMR 75

2023 marks the 75h anniversary of the Royal Marines Reserve as support to Britain's Commando Forces. Formed in Glasgow and London in 1948 the RMFVR has provided Commando trained civilian personnel to the Corps during various operations. 


Royal Marines Association - The Royal Marines Charity

On 1st April 2019, the Royal Marines Association and The Royal Marines Charity officially merged to become the single, central pillar of support to the Royal Marines Family. It embraces and embodies the Corps’ family; regular and reserve Royal Marines past and present, as well as their dependants. The membership grows continually to include all elements of the Royal Marines. It is free to join and is now open to Associates and 'Supporters' who wish to join.

The newly formed single agency, known as RMA - The Royal Marines Charity, provides flexible response to support Royal Marines and their families, as well as Veterans throughout their lives. To continue and improve this support is a serious challenge. But meeting a ‘challenge’ is what Royal Marines do best


Now, we need Your help - to help ourselves.


This fundraising event will go some small way to protect the future of those who protected us! Your support will directly aid elderly and infirm veterans, our physically or psychologically injured, bereaved and needy families.


Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Our support agencies provide attrractive merchandise to members of the Royal Marines, their families and friends.


The Royal Marines Shop 

The RM Shop provides a wide range of regimental souvenirs, clothing and useful products. All profits go to the RM Charities.

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