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The original formation of a Royal Marines Forces Volunteer Reserve (RMFVR) unit is hotly disputed between London and Glasgow. Although the official formation took place on Friday 5th November 1948 at the Honourable Artillery Company's Artillery Ground - the same place where the Royal Marines were formed on 28th October 1664.

The argument - offered by those from the Scottish West Coast city is, that the former Hostilities Only (HO) Royal Marines who formed RMFVR City of Glasgow met the night before, Thursday 4th November 1948, at The Star Bar at Eglington Toll, Glasgow - where and when the unit toasted its formation! Who can argue?

Today, Royal Marines Reserve (RMR) Units are based on 4 regional Headquarters; Scotland, London, Bristol and Merseyside. These units provide fully trained RMR Commandos to augment the regular RM units. Recently, Reservists have served in many exercises and operations around the globe, with RM Units, United Nations, EU and NATO forces, from the Falklands - to North Norway, Borneo to Afghanistan, Kosovo - to DR Congo.

They a deployable reserve - Ready to Serve!

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